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Being a rabbit owner can be fun and relaxing. Yet on the other hand its difficult because rabbits are fragile creatures. But if you know what you are doing then you will be a happy owner. If you are new to rearing rabbits then its a good idea that you learn all you may in raising these bunnies. Once you learn about rearing rabbits then you will be prepared for what is ahead of you.

Bunnies are high maintenance livestock which need a lot of attention and affection. Although they are cute cuddy animals that you could think aren’t harmful, in actual fact they can hurt you if you handle them in a way they do not like. Their back legs are tough and they use them to kick you off. Therefore before you make the decision in raising rabbits there are some things that you have to learn.

– There are different sizes of bunnies. They are little rabbits that may be kept in small houses and are not best for producing meat. Again there are the bigger ones that need a lot of space to live in. These are the bunnies that are kept for meat production and breeding.

– Once it comes to feeding rabbits you should know that they are vegetarians, so you can’t feed them various meats. You should feed them chewy veggies such as carrots and cabbages. You can also give them rabbit pellets since they have lots of nutrients which assists them grow stronger and healthier. An additional diet of hay or alfalfa may be given to them as well.

– You must decide if you would like to keep indoor or outdoor rabbits. If you would like to keep outdoor rabbits then you must be sure to offer protection for them. You should build them shelter and a protective fence. Bunny houses should be designed from steel cages or wood cages because rabbits can eat on the wood.

Rearing rabbits is not the easiest thing to do but at the same time it is not that difficult. Merely care for them by offering them proper housing, nourishing them right and also some little cuddling.

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