Raising Ducks: 3-week-old Muscovy Ducklings Swimming, Splashing, and Bathing

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It’s a good feeling to be a duck owner. Ducks live longer and grow at a faster rate then chicken. Their houses are less expensive to construct, need less management and can withstand almost any type of temperatures. They are highly tolerant to a lot of diseases and eat different varieties of food in contrast to chickens.

You can raise them as household pets, for eggs and even for meat. A lot of farmers raise them for food because they can eat the eggs and meat as well as sell the produce to make income. Ducks lay their eggs in the morning so you can just gather the eggs once a day.

When beginning raising ducks you first must be well prepared and make sure your time is suitable. 1st prepare space where you are going to keep the ducks. Once you have the location then you must construct a shelter (house) for your birds to rest and call home. Its also wise to try to build an artificial pond which may be next to the house.

Once you have done this it is time to get your birds but before you do that you must make sure on the number of birds you want. Don’t get a lot of ducks that could possibly get crowded in the area you have for them. Also choose the right kind of breed you want to keep. They are a number of breeds to choose from which are Rouen, Mandarin, Muscovy and Perkin ducks.

When you have made the decision on the quantity of ducks and breed you desire, the folowing step is preparing food for them. These birds like eating earthworms, fish, aquatic plants, insects, toads and even mollusks. You may even feed them crumbs and lawn grass. This sort of food must only be given to fully grown birds. Ducklings consume a different kind of feed, they eat starter breadcrumbs and mash when they are a few days old. As they grow older you may then give them pieces of bread and crackers.

To be a successful duck keeper needs dedication and the will to raise ducks. The nice thing on keeping ducks is that anyone can do it, just do your research right and get the expert information.

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