Hey farmer, why is your field smoking?

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Farmers and ranchers burn their fields in the spring–on purpose! I’ve blogged about it a lot… Pastures Up In Flames!  My field is not on fire today, but it is smoking…check it out!

What you see rolling across the field like smoke is really pollen. This is a field of brome– a cool season grass that we cut for hay for the cattle to eat in the winter.  It is pollinating right now and that <img src="http://feeds.feedburner.com/~r/blogspot/cTFbO/~4/8nI7XlU8-8A" height="1" width="1" alt="… Read More

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If you are a business minded person you might be searching for other ways to make more money, raising cattle for earnings is an alternative business you can get into. They have great returns of investment especially in the winter seasons.

One easy way of making money from raising cattle is by cattle flipping. When cattle flipping, you purchase cheap cattle, feed them so they put on weight then sell them at a higher price.

The first thing to do is to purchase the cattle from auctions, livestock magazines or even online. Try to find raised or feeder calves that are cheap and free from illnesses. To make sure the cattle are not sick, try buying from a reputable seller.

The next thing is to prepare for your cattle, the things you need to organize are shelter, pasture, hay, water and other feeds.

When beginning try to be sure to reduce your expenses. As for shelter you may go for simple windbreakers instead of expensive barns. Once your cattle begin making you money you can then build bigger shelters for them.

When it comes to water ensure that you have more than enough for them. A solitary cow can drink about 12 gallons of drinking water every day. You can build water troughs for your cows to drink water from.

Most of the cash you have ready in raising your cattle needs to be invested in pasture. You also have to spend a lot on hay was well, hay helps a lot in the production of meat. Alfalfa works well for meat production.

Corn is advised when it comes to feeding you livestock, cattle just love corn and its best for fattening them up as well. The local feed mill will help in supplying you with well mixed corn. Or perhaps you can buy cattle feeds from your local livestock store.

With these steps you sure will be on your way to farming healthy cattle for profits. Other thing you must do is get to know other livestock farmers in your area and learn how they start making revenue from their livestock.

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